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I, Walt Frasier, was driving a giant van around with 12 friends, following a band.

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One day, I felt absolutely bloated. I was eating terribly. I texted a passenger, while sitting in the hotel bathroom “I’m going to let you order lunch for me today.”

Stephanie is a vegan by choice, ciliac by nature. I will let her share her personal story.

That day, we found a veggie bowl shop in Baltimore. I think it was basically butternut squash with a variety of veggies, fruits and nuts.

This all led to creating this website. We posted a few things. We got busy with other things. My web hosting account got hacked. Now we are starting fresh. (I have not told Stephanie yet, lol)

Between July 1, 2019 and February 1, 2020, I have lost 70 pounds.

I am inspired more than ever to relaunch this blog. Mostly for self focus, but also a way to share my journey and hopefully inspire others

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