February 9, 2020 Slight Backslip #healthylifestyle #friendssupportingfriends

It would be wrong to only post successes.

No one is perfect and only showing my perfect accomplishes will only inspire so far. Eventually it will looks as fake as it sounds.

While I am very proud of my success the past months I need to be honest, so I can properly access my progress.

As I teach my comedy students, you need to acknowledge the good, the bad AND the ugly to grow in knowledge, wisdom and life itself.

The day started at Dunkin Donuts. I know not usually a good start of anyone on a dier. But I love their power protein sandwich. It’s the only fast food I will eat these days. Washed it down with a small black coffee.

Sometimes that stupid post turns into a bit…

comedy routine I just wrote…. Not all fresh, but preparing to demonstrate writing comedy bit for teen class today at 11:30….

Having a great day. I lost another half pound ground hog day.
Play my cards right and I’ll be skinny by Monday

I never was a big drinker
Now I search for tequila with a worm?
I hear a few models welcome a good tape
Or is that a fluke (bad, probably will cut that)

Actually thanks to giving up Al(most) all alcohol, I’ve lost 70 pounds now in seven months.
You know what most folks say when you tell them you lost seven pounds?
Way to go? No
Congratulations? No
How did you do it? No
They give me advice
You know what you need to do…
You have to give up dairy
You need to go vegan
You need to cut the carbs
You need to cut the fat
Too much salt
Not enough water

Stop, I lost 70 pounds, clearly I know what to do
Stop giving me advice while shoving a cookie down your throat.

I had a steak for breakfast and expect to be another half pound tomorrow

Oh you’re doing Atkin’s, better watch your kidneys

The real secret is keeping in the right mind set.
First of all, STOP listening to advice and listen to your body, right.

Not happy with your weight any given morning
Go drop another log
If your constipated, just skip the day
It’s all about the mind set

If really desperate, Take off shirt, shoes , pants …
…. Once the WW lady said, sir, wearing a thong is not appropriate here…. I was so shocked, when i put them on they were boxer briefs

As a person that is famously a social water and drinker, I fear what will I do know?
The answer?
Everything I could not physically do the past 15 years, like hanging out with you awesome folks for you, and not the buffet.

70lbs Gone since July 2019, more to move out soon #healthylifestyle #friendssupportingfriends

Seven months ago I was in the hospital.

By Walt Frasier @waltfrasier

June 30, 2019 I went to the emergency room. That morning at a North Bergen urgent care I was diagnosed with cellulitis, showing as a 3″ red band wrapping around my lower calf and shin.

The doctor sent me home with antibiotics after he drew a line. “If the redness grows past this line go to the emergency room.”

I went home, took a nap, and woke up four hours later with intense chills and the rash double in size. Off to the emergency room!

After a relatively brief check it was determined to admit me for a round of IV drugs and observation. Three days later I turned 47 and was let out of prison, I mean, the hospital.

In many ways, eating hospital “food” alone was a launching pad. It also helped that the doctors all scared me with talk of diabetes.

The doctors explained that my obesity, namely the diabetes, was allowing infections to take more easily. Swimming in dirty water (a NJ beach that was closed the next day for high bacterial levels) may not have been such a big deal otherwise.

My first goal, never going back to the hospital, EVER!!!

I determined the best way to achieve that was diet and exercise.

I did not weight myself before going into the hospital. The highest point I ever weighed in was 383+ at weight watchers, about two years ago. This week I was 313. So, I can only claim 70 pounds scientifically. I am convinced I was closer to 400, simply comparing photos and how I felt.

Me, with my wife, approaching 400 just a year ago…. or so

Over the next few blog posts I want to lay out how I did it and how I plan to move forward. I will track my progress.

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Me, 11 weeks ago, at 328.

I want to share my story to inspire others to do what I thought I could never do. While semi going it alone this time, I have 47 years of stories and support from friends, family, and fellow weight lose hopefuls at WW meetings etc.

Please follow this blog and or my Instagram account. @waltfrasier on most platforms. Help me in my journey. The comments from friends and family drives me forward.

#healthylifestyle #friendssupportingfriends

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