Plateau Central but maintaining

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Weighed in at 312 today. Still down 70lbs. I was down 75+, as low as 307.

But then I drove to Florida. 40 hours behind the wheel in 5 days led to a bit if a slip, drinking more coffee in the past week than the past 7 months combined.

I also slipped on my rigorous diet regiment.

Twice I indulged in biscuits with sausage gravy. Well, 1/2 a biscuit with sausage gravy. I also had two small pancakes one morning, my first in eight months.

Aside from some poorly planned breakfast choices, I ate fairly well.

The week I posted a weight of 106.8 was freaky

On Saturday I was 312. On Sunday the scales read 308+. Monday called me out back at 311. Tuesday at 306+.

Was my scale broken or was I have intense bathroom experiences every other day?

The Friday we started driving south I was 310+. Wednesday morning we were back in New Jersey. I was dreading stepping onto the scale, but was at 311.

I survived the rocky road of food choices thanks to a lot of dancing, recording videos with my niece and swimming with a manatee

In the week since I have bounced around 310-312. Still down 20 pounds since Christmas, so I’ll take that.

Plateaus are frustrating, but very normal, and survivable if we don’t give up.

I’m never going back!!!