Beating my addiction AKA Sugar is my heroin #healthylifestyle #friendssupportingfriends

One of the biggest struggles has been giving up my love affair with carbs. (Pictured: me with Dr Oz 2014 FAT PANTS ad campaign)

By Walt Frasier @waltfrasier

I have not completely kicked my habits. The cravings still come.

As I write this I am both caving a cookie and feeling triumphant I will not get out if bed to eat.

Love BBQ a bunch if salmon every week!

As I stated in my last post, July 1-3 saw me in the hospital. On day two the nutritionist set me on a diet of low sugar.

For her and that hospital kitchen, that meat toilet water they called broth and sugar free pudding.

I was prediabetes but I was out in full diabetic alert.

I was also taken off caffeine due to antibiotics.

This “diet” would not do!

Since being discharged on my 47th birthday, my formula has been simple.

  • Lean proteins
  • Zero starchy carbs
  • Zero chips
  • Zero bread
  • Zero pasta
  • Zero cookies, cake etc
  • Zero caffeine
  • Zero alcohol
  • Zero dairy

A total purge. Well almost.

Instead I started grilling. My family was in town. We lit the charcoal for Fourth of July. I always cook a lot when we have company. Too much.

I had left over burgers, steak, brats and chicken for days. Lots of grilled corn and asparagus too.

Chicken, Salmon, Steak from recent BBQ

About a week later I felt great. I was lighter, and had a ton of energy, depute hives from antibiotics allergy.

A few weeks later, hanging out with family at amazing Italian restaurant, I had some wine. For two days I felt yucky. I also saw a spike in sweets craves.

I had similar experiences all summer. Running a comedy Camp, I often ordered pizza, tacos and other foods. One day a mom brought the most amazing cake for her daughter’s birthday.

In each case I barely cheated- one slice of pizza, down from a whole pie, two nibbles if cake, down from a whole cake.

In each case I was relatively proud of my restrain, but each led to two to three days of cravings.

Suddenly, I found my self wanting to demolish my wife’s supply if cookies and candy.

Once I slipped and nearly wrecked a box of Oreos.

You see, at times, quite often actually, in the past, no food was safe in the house.

I would shovel food down, sometimes in tears, wanting to stop. It truly feels like I have to eat. There is more than psychology. Food, especially sugar, is my crack, my heroin.

I have identified trigger foods in the past. Since this past summer I realized that was not enough. They all had to go.

An addict can’t take just a little “bump” and hope to stay clean. The hunger intensifies.

Before, and a few rare moments since, I was insatiable, eating everything in site until I passed out – beyond over stuffed.

The Solution?

I have a formula for when I slip.

When ever I have a taste of cake, pizza, etc I enact a total purge of carbs. It is akin to the old Atkin’s diet launch week.

I load up on meats. No carbs except those veggies that burn more then they put in the body.

This sometimes make me gain temporarily. Mostly getting constipated

Diet psychology tip: never weigh self when backed up. You won’t like the results. Lol

On day three I practically hi full vegan, loading up in veggies. I have embraced rice cauliflower as a way to bulk up meals

Day four slides into a more balanced place, but still avoiding all the bad, starchy carbs.

The cravings subside.

I have replaced almost all fluids with water.

I am hyper aware of what I eat every day

I am weighing myself almost every day. I don’t recommend this for most. But for me it is a very scientific process. I can almost predict where I’ll be each morning.

I have a healthy supply of healthy options so I never am stuck with garbage.

I have a variety of protein bars…. Al 20g bars with 0-1 sugar. All low GI. I love THINK and ONE bars. Something to eat when out of the house.

In future posts I will continue to share what has worked for me and changes I am making as I lose weight and hit various plateau.

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