Starting to lose again, finally #healthylifestyle #friendssupportingfriends

It’s been a few weeks since I posted a NEW LOW POINT…

I have been getting exercise

It can be frustrating. After losing a pound a day for a week, then hitting a road block, or even experience a slight gain. I’ve been here many times before.

I have lost 50+ pounds three times in my life. Each time I hit that plateau. I gave up.

Each time I wanted to get back on track I gave up.

A few times I nearly gave up on this journey.

Every 10 pounds or so I hit a plateau. Everything seems so easy. Dropping a pound a day is a piece of cake, until it’s not.

The biggest issue these days is portion control.

At nearly 400 pounds, I could eat a ton of food and still lose weight. It’s easy.

Now, as I approach 300, portion control starts to play a major role. I need to start paying more attention to calorie counts and column.

Many will tell you not to worry about your counts with certain foods, as there is no way you could ever eat enough of that food to count.

Well I have a talent for eating WAY beyond capacity. My pain censors for bloated are defective.

But yesterday, I had an interesting break through.

First of all, I made a choice which led to me walking 4 miles.

I wanted to quit and call an Uber at least four times. It was cold. I was bored. I was tired…..

But I kept going. I choose to take the wrong bus, then go four extra stops so I could make a deposit at the bank (client for a comedy field trip handed me a stack of one’s and fives, $1000+ cash.)

With just a half mile to go, I stopped for tacos.

This place gave me FOUR tacos for just $8. Real Mexican “street” tacos have no cheese or sour cream, no fried tortillas. They simply line soft corn tortillas with marinated grilled or griddled meats.

This plate also had the most delicious grilled onions and peppers.

I turned down the tortilla chips but kept the four salsa choices.

Just a month ago I would have chowed down on all four, but even after one, I felt full-ish. I ate one more and asked for a box. (And some extra peppers and onions.

Not only did I make better portion control choices, I had TWO meals for $13 ($8 taco, $1 water, plus tax and a great trip)

I’ll be back!

Lost 2 pounds over the weekend. 3 days later exactly where I was. Feared I would be heavier #healthylifestyle #friendssupportingfriends

Lost 2 pounds over the weekend. 3 days later exactly where I was. Feared I would be heavier

I grilled some amazing food yesterday.

This is the photo I posted on instagram. If you notice the plate is already a bit dirty from the other three portions….

I started the day eating about two pounds of sweet potato. Skin on, just a couple sprays of CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BUTTER 0 calorie spray with garlic, salt pepper. I was going to eat just a few (small ones), but I binged the entire bag. The garlic salt and fresh ground coarse black pepper was yummy. I think a lot of the sugar bubbled out while cooking one hour in toaster oven. The foil lined pan was covered in hardened sugar.

Plus an apple and two protein bars.

Over ate grilled chicken and salmon for dinner. Big side of asparagus.
Over two pounds of food
Tons of water
Two more protein bars
Went to bed feeling bloated

To make things worse I procrastinated going to the gym, eventually not going at all.

Turns out over eating the right foods is not terrible. I did not lose, but I did not gain either.

@dr_oz calls it your FATURDAY, right. Well my weak day for portions was on point for choices.