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It’s been a few weeks since I posted a NEW LOW POINT…

I have been getting exercise

It can be frustrating. After losing a pound a day for a week, then hitting a road block, or even experience a slight gain. I’ve been here many times before.

I have lost 50+ pounds three times in my life. Each time I hit that plateau. I gave up.

Each time I wanted to get back on track I gave up.

A few times I nearly gave up on this journey.

Every 10 pounds or so I hit a plateau. Everything seems so easy. Dropping a pound a day is a piece of cake, until it’s not.

The biggest issue these days is portion control.

At nearly 400 pounds, I could eat a ton of food and still lose weight. It’s easy.

Now, as I approach 300, portion control starts to play a major role. I need to start paying more attention to calorie counts and column.

Many will tell you not to worry about your counts with certain foods, as there is no way you could ever eat enough of that food to count.

Well I have a talent for eating WAY beyond capacity. My pain censors for bloated are defective.

But yesterday, I had an interesting break through.

First of all, I made a choice which led to me walking 4 miles.

I wanted to quit and call an Uber at least four times. It was cold. I was bored. I was tired…..

But I kept going. I choose to take the wrong bus, then go four extra stops so I could make a deposit at the bank (client for a comedy field trip handed me a stack of one’s and fives, $1000+ cash.)

With just a half mile to go, I stopped for tacos.

This place gave me FOUR tacos for just $8. Real Mexican “street” tacos have no cheese or sour cream, no fried tortillas. They simply line soft corn tortillas with marinated grilled or griddled meats.

This plate also had the most delicious grilled onions and peppers.

I turned down the tortilla chips but kept the four salsa choices.

Just a month ago I would have chowed down on all four, but even after one, I felt full-ish. I ate one more and asked for a box. (And some extra peppers and onions.

Not only did I make better portion control choices, I had TWO meals for $13 ($8 taco, $1 water, plus tax and a great trip)

I’ll be back!

Plateau Central but maintaining

Weighed in at 312 today. Still down 70lbs. I was down 75+, as low as 307.

But then I drove to Florida. 40 hours behind the wheel in 5 days led to a bit if a slip, drinking more coffee in the past week than the past 7 months combined.

I also slipped on my rigorous diet regiment.

Twice I indulged in biscuits with sausage gravy. Well, 1/2 a biscuit with sausage gravy. I also had two small pancakes one morning, my first in eight months.

Aside from some poorly planned breakfast choices, I ate fairly well.

The week I posted a weight of 106.8 was freaky

On Saturday I was 312. On Sunday the scales read 308+. Monday called me out back at 311. Tuesday at 306+.

Was my scale broken or was I have intense bathroom experiences every other day?

The Friday we started driving south I was 310+. Wednesday morning we were back in New Jersey. I was dreading stepping onto the scale, but was at 311.

I survived the rocky road of food choices thanks to a lot of dancing, recording videos with my niece and swimming with a manatee

In the week since I have bounced around 310-312. Still down 20 pounds since Christmas, so I’ll take that.

Plateaus are frustrating, but very normal, and survivable if we don’t give up.

I’m never going back!!!