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It’s been a few weeks since I posted a NEW LOW POINT…

I have been getting exercise

It can be frustrating. After losing a pound a day for a week, then hitting a road block, or even experience a slight gain. I’ve been here many times before.

I have lost 50+ pounds three times in my life. Each time I hit that plateau. I gave up.

Each time I wanted to get back on track I gave up.

A few times I nearly gave up on this journey.

Every 10 pounds or so I hit a plateau. Everything seems so easy. Dropping a pound a day is a piece of cake, until it’s not.

The biggest issue these days is portion control.

At nearly 400 pounds, I could eat a ton of food and still lose weight. It’s easy.

Now, as I approach 300, portion control starts to play a major role. I need to start paying more attention to calorie counts and column.

Many will tell you not to worry about your counts with certain foods, as there is no way you could ever eat enough of that food to count.

Well I have a talent for eating WAY beyond capacity. My pain censors for bloated are defective.

But yesterday, I had an interesting break through.

First of all, I made a choice which led to me walking 4 miles.

I wanted to quit and call an Uber at least four times. It was cold. I was bored. I was tired…..

But I kept going. I choose to take the wrong bus, then go four extra stops so I could make a deposit at the bank (client for a comedy field trip handed me a stack of one’s and fives, $1000+ cash.)

With just a half mile to go, I stopped for tacos.

This place gave me FOUR tacos for just $8. Real Mexican “street” tacos have no cheese or sour cream, no fried tortillas. They simply line soft corn tortillas with marinated grilled or griddled meats.

This plate also had the most delicious grilled onions and peppers.

I turned down the tortilla chips but kept the four salsa choices.

Just a month ago I would have chowed down on all four, but even after one, I felt full-ish. I ate one more and asked for a box. (And some extra peppers and onions.

Not only did I make better portion control choices, I had TWO meals for $13 ($8 taco, $1 water, plus tax and a great trip)

I’ll be back!

Plateau Central but maintaining

Weighed in at 312 today. Still down 70lbs. I was down 75+, as low as 307.

But then I drove to Florida. 40 hours behind the wheel in 5 days led to a bit if a slip, drinking more coffee in the past week than the past 7 months combined.

I also slipped on my rigorous diet regiment.

Twice I indulged in biscuits with sausage gravy. Well, 1/2 a biscuit with sausage gravy. I also had two small pancakes one morning, my first in eight months.

Aside from some poorly planned breakfast choices, I ate fairly well.

The week I posted a weight of 106.8 was freaky

On Saturday I was 312. On Sunday the scales read 308+. Monday called me out back at 311. Tuesday at 306+.

Was my scale broken or was I have intense bathroom experiences every other day?

The Friday we started driving south I was 310+. Wednesday morning we were back in New Jersey. I was dreading stepping onto the scale, but was at 311.

I survived the rocky road of food choices thanks to a lot of dancing, recording videos with my niece and swimming with a manatee

In the week since I have bounced around 310-312. Still down 20 pounds since Christmas, so I’ll take that.

Plateaus are frustrating, but very normal, and survivable if we don’t give up.

I’m never going back!!!

February 8, 2020 New Low Point #healthylifestyle #friendssupportingfriends

February 8, 2020
New Low Point

Busy day yesterday.

Breakfast was grilled salmon over riced cauliflower topped with mango and pineapple.

Started teaching two classes back to back at a Queens Middle School via Arts Horizon. Thanks to Dena and all the amazing folks for giving me a shot!

Lunch TWO Protein Bars ONE Cinnamon Bun

Then I spent an hour singing and dancing in Times Square, promoting our show. So cold….. so cold…..

TWO more protein bars
ONE Maple Donut
THINK Maple Almond Drizzle

Then 70 minutes hosting EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv.

Dinner, while watching first episode of LOCK & KEY on Netflix, Grilled Chicken with big side of Asparagus.

Lots of water
The journey continues…

Time for a new belt! Waist Down 8+ inches

Last spring I was busting out of 54″ elastic waist khakis.

Today I wore a non elastic 46″ waist khaki.

I bought these pants a few weeks ago and barely squeezed in while today they were comfortable and even slimming.

Weary of buying too many new clothes that may not fit right in a few weeks later (dropping that fast at times.) I have continued to rotate the old pants into my wardrobe.

Two days ago I nearly tripped, walking with pant legs tucked under my heels. Inseam has not changed, but all that material around a smaller butt is causing drag.

Great problem to have!

Next big stop?

30 year high school reunion. Maybe I’ll be back to my high school rock band front man weight

What is your goal? #healthylifestyle #friendssupportingfriends

In response to my images of the scale reflecting new low points, many friends have asked this question to me.

What is your goal?

I have one goal.


No number? No date?


I can not predict how I’ll look and feel after losing 10, 20, or more pounds.

I’ve been 300+ pounds for 25+ years.

I’ve been 350+ pounds for better part of the last 14 years.

Every pound is a victory!

I’ve lost 50+ pounds twice before, in 2008 and 2013.

I have thought about dieting so many times, but the anger and sadness that I failed and gained back the weight each time, with a vengeance, is depressing.

I never want to go back to that place.

What’s different this time?

No bullshit!

I am more hyper aware than ever as to what works for me.

I am aware more than ever I need to ignore the so called advice from others.

I am aware that every time I slip I am offending myself and the hard work it took to get that victory.

Don’t know where I am headed but I am never going back

A boss of mine once told me I will always be fat. Not sure if he said that as a total jerk or as a way to challenge me.

The words were equally depressing and motivating.

Other shave told me I can do it and I did not.

For twenty plus years I have known what to do. I could have written this blog, perhaps a book, many times over

But knowledge is useless without action.

Do what you always do, get what you always got

One of my big “secrets” is creating new habits.

I know I cannot portion control well so I have to cut out certain foods altogether.

So I need to just say no to all chips, crackers, nuts, chocolate, cookies, cakes, donuts, bread, pasta, milk, cheese, alcohol, caffiene etc etc etc

Some of these foods trigger cravings, others kill my metabolism.

What ever it is, by not eating these food, I lose.

When I even sneak a taste, I slip backwards.

Add to that avoiding to much downtime on the couch and the formula is simple.

off to the gym and some laps in the pools….

Stay Inspired

Beating my addiction AKA Sugar is my heroin #healthylifestyle #friendssupportingfriends

One of the biggest struggles has been giving up my love affair with carbs. (Pictured: me with Dr Oz 2014 FAT PANTS ad campaign)

By Walt Frasier @waltfrasier

I have not completely kicked my habits. The cravings still come.

As I write this I am both caving a cookie and feeling triumphant I will not get out if bed to eat.

Love BBQ a bunch if salmon every week!

As I stated in my last post, July 1-3 saw me in the hospital. On day two the nutritionist set me on a diet of low sugar.

For her and that hospital kitchen, that meat toilet water they called broth and sugar free pudding.

I was prediabetes but I was out in full diabetic alert.

I was also taken off caffeine due to antibiotics.

This “diet” would not do!

Since being discharged on my 47th birthday, my formula has been simple.

  • Lean proteins
  • Zero starchy carbs
  • Zero chips
  • Zero bread
  • Zero pasta
  • Zero cookies, cake etc
  • Zero caffeine
  • Zero alcohol
  • Zero dairy

A total purge. Well almost.

Instead I started grilling. My family was in town. We lit the charcoal for Fourth of July. I always cook a lot when we have company. Too much.

I had left over burgers, steak, brats and chicken for days. Lots of grilled corn and asparagus too.

Chicken, Salmon, Steak from recent BBQ

About a week later I felt great. I was lighter, and had a ton of energy, depute hives from antibiotics allergy.

A few weeks later, hanging out with family at amazing Italian restaurant, I had some wine. For two days I felt yucky. I also saw a spike in sweets craves.

I had similar experiences all summer. Running a comedy Camp, I often ordered pizza, tacos and other foods. One day a mom brought the most amazing cake for her daughter’s birthday.

In each case I barely cheated- one slice of pizza, down from a whole pie, two nibbles if cake, down from a whole cake.

In each case I was relatively proud of my restrain, but each led to two to three days of cravings.

Suddenly, I found my self wanting to demolish my wife’s supply if cookies and candy.

Once I slipped and nearly wrecked a box of Oreos.

You see, at times, quite often actually, in the past, no food was safe in the house.

I would shovel food down, sometimes in tears, wanting to stop. It truly feels like I have to eat. There is more than psychology. Food, especially sugar, is my crack, my heroin.

I have identified trigger foods in the past. Since this past summer I realized that was not enough. They all had to go.

An addict can’t take just a little “bump” and hope to stay clean. The hunger intensifies.

Before, and a few rare moments since, I was insatiable, eating everything in site until I passed out – beyond over stuffed.

The Solution?

I have a formula for when I slip.

When ever I have a taste of cake, pizza, etc I enact a total purge of carbs. It is akin to the old Atkin’s diet launch week.

I load up on meats. No carbs except those veggies that burn more then they put in the body.

This sometimes make me gain temporarily. Mostly getting constipated

Diet psychology tip: never weigh self when backed up. You won’t like the results. Lol

On day three I practically hi full vegan, loading up in veggies. I have embraced rice cauliflower as a way to bulk up meals

Day four slides into a more balanced place, but still avoiding all the bad, starchy carbs.

The cravings subside.

I have replaced almost all fluids with water.

I am hyper aware of what I eat every day

I am weighing myself almost every day. I don’t recommend this for most. But for me it is a very scientific process. I can almost predict where I’ll be each morning.

I have a healthy supply of healthy options so I never am stuck with garbage.

I have a variety of protein bars…. Al 20g bars with 0-1 sugar. All low GI. I love THINK and ONE bars. Something to eat when out of the house.

In future posts I will continue to share what has worked for me and changes I am making as I lose weight and hit various plateau.

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How do you commute to work? Getting more steps into day #healthylifestyle #friendssupportingfriends

Today I walked up a massive hill a half a mile to catch a bus from West New York, New Jersey, to my comedy club in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. From Port Authority, instead of taking subway two stops uptown, I walked another 14 blocks, about 3/4 of a mile. I’ll go home the same way, adding up to over two miles.

This is the second weekend doing this both Saturday and Sunday. Both weekends started and ended with a decent meal at home with a couple protein bars and lots of water keeping me going at the club between classes and shows.

Until this summer I bragged that I could walk down the hill to catch the light rail at one station to go to work. Coming home I could get off the train at the top of the hill and walk down.

Of course too often I called my wife to pick me up, or worse, drive in, spending $40+ on gas, tolls and parking.

Eating healthy may sound expensive but losing weight allows you to save a lot of cash in other ways.

How can you get more steps in you day?

I am not a traditional lover of gyms. I am slowly getting the addiction, as workouts get easier and results are obvious.

But I look for ways every day to avoid going by getting in steps other ways.

  • Parking farther away than necesaary at the store, gym, work.
  • Getting off the subway a stop or two early, adding a kilometer or more each way.
  • Taking the steps, skipping the elevator.
  • Doing core tightening of the stomach while driving etc.
  • Skip the coffee shop, go for a walk. The oxygen and blood flow is much more effective than caffiene, anyway.

70lbs Gone since July 2019, more to move out soon #healthylifestyle #friendssupportingfriends

Seven months ago I was in the hospital.

By Walt Frasier @waltfrasier

June 30, 2019 I went to the emergency room. That morning at a North Bergen urgent care I was diagnosed with cellulitis, showing as a 3″ red band wrapping around my lower calf and shin.

The doctor sent me home with antibiotics after he drew a line. “If the redness grows past this line go to the emergency room.”

I went home, took a nap, and woke up four hours later with intense chills and the rash double in size. Off to the emergency room!

After a relatively brief check it was determined to admit me for a round of IV drugs and observation. Three days later I turned 47 and was let out of prison, I mean, the hospital.

In many ways, eating hospital “food” alone was a launching pad. It also helped that the doctors all scared me with talk of diabetes.

The doctors explained that my obesity, namely the diabetes, was allowing infections to take more easily. Swimming in dirty water (a NJ beach that was closed the next day for high bacterial levels) may not have been such a big deal otherwise.

My first goal, never going back to the hospital, EVER!!!

I determined the best way to achieve that was diet and exercise.

I did not weight myself before going into the hospital. The highest point I ever weighed in was 383+ at weight watchers, about two years ago. This week I was 313. So, I can only claim 70 pounds scientifically. I am convinced I was closer to 400, simply comparing photos and how I felt.

Me, with my wife, approaching 400 just a year ago…. or so

Over the next few blog posts I want to lay out how I did it and how I plan to move forward. I will track my progress.

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Me, 11 weeks ago, at 328.

I want to share my story to inspire others to do what I thought I could never do. While semi going it alone this time, I have 47 years of stories and support from friends, family, and fellow weight lose hopefuls at WW meetings etc.

Please follow this blog and or my Instagram account. @waltfrasier on most platforms. Help me in my journey. The comments from friends and family drives me forward.

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Already falling out of Santa Suit lol