February 7, 2020 New Low Point #healthylifestyle #friendssupportingfriends

February 7, 2020 New Low Point

Highest weigh ever? 383.2 73+ pounds strategically removed since 7/1/2019

It occurs to me that when I choose the right foods, in almost any portion, I break even. If I simply moderate portions, I lose.

I am not going to bed hungry. However I often still go to bed with the deep sub conscious though, I SHOULD EAT!

I made the realization in Weight Watchers years ago.
I have NEVER been hungry in my life.

I have forgotten to eat, due to busy schedule, and felt light headed, but it was not hunger. I just had an inconsistent intake of quality energy foods.

Instead of hunger, I get a psycholical imperative to eat. Usually comes from boredom, anxiety, or other emotional response.
Traditionally I equally commiserate and celebrate with food and drink.

I started the day with comfort carbs.

I put myself to bed the same way. I was always seeking “comfort”. Of course what I got was discomfort around the belt.

When focused on weight loss I have to be lasar focuses. Sometimes that creates anxiety that leads to habitual food cravings.

Two days ago, this happened. Thankfully the fridge was full of veggies and lean proteins.

I binged and broke even on the day.

By following that up with a very moderate consumption day, I am down three pounds from one week ago.

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Lost 2 pounds over the weekend. 3 days later exactly where I was. Feared I would be heavier #healthylifestyle #friendssupportingfriends

Lost 2 pounds over the weekend. 3 days later exactly where I was. Feared I would be heavier

I grilled some amazing food yesterday.

This is the photo I posted on instagram. If you notice the plate is already a bit dirty from the other three portions….

I started the day eating about two pounds of sweet potato. Skin on, just a couple sprays of CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BUTTER 0 calorie spray with garlic, salt pepper. I was going to eat just a few (small ones), but I binged the entire bag. The garlic salt and fresh ground coarse black pepper was yummy. I think a lot of the sugar bubbled out while cooking one hour in toaster oven. The foil lined pan was covered in hardened sugar.

Plus an apple and two protein bars.

Over ate grilled chicken and salmon for dinner. Big side of asparagus.
Over two pounds of food
Tons of water
Two more protein bars
Went to bed feeling bloated

To make things worse I procrastinated going to the gym, eventually not going at all.

Turns out over eating the right foods is not terrible. I did not lose, but I did not gain either.

@dr_oz calls it your FATURDAY, right. Well my weak day for portions was on point for choices.

How do you commute to work? Getting more steps into day #healthylifestyle #friendssupportingfriends

Today I walked up a massive hill a half a mile to catch a bus from West New York, New Jersey, to my comedy club in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. From Port Authority, instead of taking subway two stops uptown, I walked another 14 blocks, about 3/4 of a mile. I’ll go home the same way, adding up to over two miles.

This is the second weekend doing this both Saturday and Sunday. Both weekends started and ended with a decent meal at home with a couple protein bars and lots of water keeping me going at the club between classes and shows.

Until this summer I bragged that I could walk down the hill to catch the light rail at one station to go to work. Coming home I could get off the train at the top of the hill and walk down.

Of course too often I called my wife to pick me up, or worse, drive in, spending $40+ on gas, tolls and parking.

Eating healthy may sound expensive but losing weight allows you to save a lot of cash in other ways.

How can you get more steps in you day?

I am not a traditional lover of gyms. I am slowly getting the addiction, as workouts get easier and results are obvious.

But I look for ways every day to avoid going by getting in steps other ways.

  • Parking farther away than necesaary at the store, gym, work.
  • Getting off the subway a stop or two early, adding a kilometer or more each way.
  • Taking the steps, skipping the elevator.
  • Doing core tightening of the stomach while driving etc.
  • Skip the coffee shop, go for a walk. The oxygen and blood flow is much more effective than caffiene, anyway.