February 7, 2020 New Low Point #healthylifestyle #friendssupportingfriends

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February 7, 2020 New Low Point

Highest weigh ever? 383.2 73+ pounds strategically removed since 7/1/2019

It occurs to me that when I choose the right foods, in almost any portion, I break even. If I simply moderate portions, I lose.

I am not going to bed hungry. However I often still go to bed with the deep sub conscious though, I SHOULD EAT!

I made the realization in Weight Watchers years ago.
I have NEVER been hungry in my life.

I have forgotten to eat, due to busy schedule, and felt light headed, but it was not hunger. I just had an inconsistent intake of quality energy foods.

Instead of hunger, I get a psycholical imperative to eat. Usually comes from boredom, anxiety, or other emotional response.
Traditionally I equally commiserate and celebrate with food and drink.

I started the day with comfort carbs.

I put myself to bed the same way. I was always seeking “comfort”. Of course what I got was discomfort around the belt.

When focused on weight loss I have to be lasar focuses. Sometimes that creates anxiety that leads to habitual food cravings.

Two days ago, this happened. Thankfully the fridge was full of veggies and lean proteins.

I binged and broke even on the day.

By following that up with a very moderate consumption day, I am down three pounds from one week ago.

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